Best moment: is the whole week we spent on Zanzibar’s beaches allowed? Heaven. On. Earth.

Worst moment: bus journey to Mwanza with a very dodgy tum and some emergency dashes into bushes!

Best spontaneous moment: loved the walk we did to Irente Viewpoint in Lushoto. We hadn’t planned on doing it but it was really great – with a delicious lunch!

Favourite place: Lushoto, Mambo, Matemwe. Special places.

Best thing eaten: after a shaky start, Tanzania delivered. I loved itambuza (cardamon fried doughnut things in Mwanza), paneer bhajis in Moshi, cheese farm lunch in Irente and amaaaaazing calamari and fish coconut at Mohammad’s in Matemwe.

Worst thing eaten: questionable burger in Arusha. Was it chicken, was it beef? We’ll never know…

Favourite person: Mr Gabri, Justin, Alessandro at Lawns, our guide Jospeh in Mambo and all the amazing staff at Boutique Bandas in Matemwe.

Things learnt:

  • It’s rainy season
  • Shinbonye = hello in chagga
  • Lots about natural medicine: the comprey tree heals chest and respiratory issues, peppermint plant is good for stomach and pregnant women should take the oil of castor seeds…
  • …but many people in the mountains still favour natural healers over doctors
  • Mambo has 1 doctor for 30,000 people
  • Tanzanian buses are just as cramped as every other East African country
  • “Mzeezee” means hello in Samba
  • Kili is shy, but when she’s out (at 6am just after sunrise), she’s really really beautiful
  • Tanzania is a special place to spend a first wedding anniversary ❤️

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