Best moment: riding on the back of a motorbike back through Kigali, the city lit up around us.

Worst moment: sitting on a broken down bus in the rain – or City losing three big games in the space of a week. Not a happy Mozza.

Best spontaneous moment: Inema art gallery dance workshop and happy hour 🍺

Favourite place: Kigali – such a cool city and unlike any I’ve been in in Africa.

Best thing eaten: Kigali has a great food scene: delicious curry at Khana Khazana or huge burritos at Meze Fresh.

Worst thing eaten: terrible Chinese on memorial genocide day when we had to eat in the hotel because everything was closed.

Favourite person: Patrick at Yambi hostel, Julia, Johnny at Twiga Hotel in Huye.

Things learnt:

  • Rwanda is super clean: plastic bags are banned and one day a month all citizens do a mass clear-up as community service. Something we could adopt at home?!
  • Lots about the tragic genocide, the effect it had on the country and what is being done to rebuild hope for the future
  • We came during “itumbura” (long rains) which run from March to May: the best time to cultivate sweet potatoes apparently
  • Traditionally, people believed that after death the spirit of the dead person became an “umuzimu”, which resides on earth, loving earth, visiting relatives and watching over the living
  • How to say good morning and thank you in Kinyarwandan, often muddling them up!

2 thoughts on “Rwanda roundup

  1. Reassuring that Rwanda is recovering after its torrid history. I recall the TV coverage that oversaw the powerlessness of ‘peacekeepers on the ground’. Opposing factions literally walked around them armed primarily with machetes. The reporters were keen to capture the atrocities but acutely aware of not getting too close as the bloodlust was omnipresent.
    So good that Rwanda is capable of being able to look forward and not backwards.

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