Best moment: walking with wild white rhinos or coming face-to-face with a family of mountain gorillas. Two once in a lifetime experiences that were so special.

Worst moment: the five hour bus that turned into a ten hour journey to Kampala. Not fun.

Best spontaneous moment: following thousands of kids to a penalty shoot-out in Masindi.

Favourite place: though it was pretty challenging, I really liked the Sipi Falls trek – it was such beautiful scenery and a bit sense of achievement to reach the Falls.

Best thing eaten: the Ugandan invention of “rolexes” – a chapatti and omelette roll. Eaten for brekkie, as a snack, cheap as chips and delish!

Worst thing eaten: a very heavily peppered steak that nearly blew Mozza’s ears off.

Favourite person: Robina in Jinja, Luta, Lawrence, Rose and Mike in Sipi, the nice lady who paid for my wee at the border, Joseph the ranger at Ziwa, our new pals Claire and Richard and Steven the ranger in Bwindi.

Things learnt:

  • Don’t put your leg against boda exhaust
  • Uganda is very cheap
  • Some Lugandan words
  • Some Bugisu words
  • Mzungu (the common word for “white person”) originally means “wanderer”
  • About the important work at Ziwa to combat ivory poaching
  • How to paddle a dugout canoe and not go in a circle

3 thoughts on “Uganda roundup

  1. Lovely writing from Africa, something to look forward to each week!! Can you make mention of the smells that move through the air in the countryside and in the cities? And what makes you two such compatible travelers? Here is a poem written for my own fellow traveler, Andrea.

    Valentine’s Day (for A.H. )

    Let us both
    weep for those
    who are not weeping

    let us love
    who stand in the way
    of sorrow

    I still hear the singing
    along this road

    I want you
    to hold me here with your kiss


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