Best moment: our time at the Masai Mara was such a special experience. Amazing animals up-close and roaming the land. Just incredible. I also loved visiting Nancy and meeting her new family, and going back to the gorgeous elephant sanctuary in Nairobi.

Worst moment: having to deal with the beach boy hassle at Diani. It’s sad that so many guys don’t have work and have to rely on hounding tourists.

Best spontaneous moment: deciding to go to the Masai Mara – it was last minute and we did it on a budget and it was brill.

Favourite place: the winding, mysterious streets of Lamu, a feast for the senses at every turn.

Best thing eaten: calamari, caught straight from the sea, on Diani beach with lime and coconut rice. YUM. Kenyans also do chips really, really well.

Worst thing eaten: I quite like it but Moz hates it – ugali, the maize flour dough that is the staple of a Kenyan’s meal. Wallpaper paste to some, a favourite of many. The jury’s still out.

Favourite person: Aleya, Henry, Julia who showed us around the farm in Thika, Nancy and Jennifer and kids, Mohammad, Mohammad and Fakir on dhow in Lamu, Ken our amazing guide in the Masai Mara , Renson who helped us after the matatu crash, “life is sweet” matatu conductor.

Things learnt:

  • Lots about insects and fungi
  • Updated on Kenyan politics: complicated and messy
  • More Swahili – love chatting with people and slowly building my vocabulary
  • To book train tickets in advance
  • Putting our bags in the boot of the matatu is a lifesaver
  • Moz doesn’t like ugali
  • Elephants live until they are 70 and have a gestation period of 24 months
  • Harambee means “together”: there are the Harambee Stars, the national football team, many Harambee Avenues and when you need push a car you all shout out “hara-MBEE!”
  • I still love Kenya ❤️

One thought on “Kenya roundup

  1. Another fantastic round up, so that we really feel part of it. Assume photo on dhow is of Mohammad and Fakir. No ugali then in May?!

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