1.7 miles wide and made of 275 cascades, the Iguazu Falls is one of the seven natural wonders of the world.

The Rio Iguazu marks the border between Argentina and Brazil and to witness the Falls in all their spectacular glory we’d been advised that it made sense to put aside two days to visit each side.

We had flown inland to Foz do Iguaçu, the city closest to the Falls on the Brazilian side. It was a bit of a nothing-y city but we were staying in a nice hostel with friendly people and it was a good place to take stock before we headed off to explore.

The word “Iguazu” comes from the language of the indigenous Guarani and Tupi people and means “big water”. There is a legend that a god was set to marry a beautiful woman called Naipí but she ran away with her mortal lover Tarobá in a canoe. In his anger, the god sliced the river ahead of them, forming the Iguazu Falls and condemning the lovers to an endless death.

We went to the Brazilian side on our first day and I’m glad we did. This side offers panoramic views of all the Falls; you walk along the side of the gorge and look across at the endless waterfalls that tumble over the edge. Down below are rainbows forming in the spray, it’s very green and incredibly beautiful.

There was also a lot of people and lots of cameras; we had to be patient to see the views waiting for people to finish taking their photos.

The path takes you up into the heart of the Falls, a place called the Devils Throat where you can walk out on a metal walkway over the water and beneath the huge tumbling body of water that soaks you with the spray. It as absolutely incredible.

The following day we go to the Argentinian side which is quieter and offers six hours worth of boardwalks right up to, alongside and above the Falls. You get much closer to the water, see and feel the strength of it. My favourite part is the Devils Throat, which this time we view from a platform at the top: you can see all the way down the Falls and watch as, every second, an incredible amount of water tumbles over the edge into the mist below. The constant roaring is deafening and I can’t take my eyes off it.

Later walking through the forest we spot a crocodile basking down in the water and two toucans hopping about in the trees above us.

In all honesty, I find this blog hard to write: words just can’t do it justice. I feel very honoured to have seen and experienced Iguazu. My iPhone pictures cant capture the majesty or the force of the Falls but hope this gives a taste of this incredible place.


2 thoughts on “Incredible Iguazu

  1. Certainly is a natural wonder,no wonder you feel privileged to have been able to see it. It will be an everlasting memory. Fantastic photos. How pronounce Iguazu? Crocodeely looks a bit tubby! Can see only one toucan.

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