Best moment: so many and so hard to narrow this down. Mine are our wine tasting in Mendoza, our very fun Christmas Eve, and reaching the top of beautiful Mont Fitzroy in Patagonia. Oh, and my best friend arriving!

Best spontaneous thing / surprise: going to Thermas Cacheutas to the hot springs, or the beautiful swimming hole near Nono.

Worst moment: didn’t have a ‘worst moment’ but the most challenging might be driving in Córdoba, navigating and driving in a new country is always a fun experience…!

Best thing eaten: Christmas Eve steak, Christmas Day steak, all the steak! RIP vegetarian days…

Worst thing eaten: we’ve probably had our fill of homemade salami and cheese sandwiches and we bravely tried Argentina’s tipple of choice which is called Fernet. Normally mixed with Coke and ice, it can only be described as mouthwash.

Favourite place: I loved El Chaltén. Incredible scenery, beautiful walks and kind people. A special place.

Things we’ve learnt:

  • Buenos Aires has 20 million people and it is very big
  • how to drive in South America: shy bairns get nowhere. Be cocky and use your horn
  • the moon calendar can affect the taste of wine. Mind. Blown.
  • the difference between a reserva (up to 1 year in the barrel) and a grand reserva (over 1 year in the barrel)
  • barrels made with American oak and French oak give wine different tastes
  • the perfect temperature of a wine cellar is 18 degrees
  • Philip Morris is FAMOUS in Argentina, everyone smokes him!
  • Christmas Eve is quiet in BA (except in our favourite restaurant El Popular del Soho where the fizz flows freely)
  • all Christmas days should start with a Santa hat swim and Buck’s Fizz

Top people:

  • Davo!
  • Ale and Chino who bought our tent and we had happy hour with
  • Los Ñires husband who delivered passports and iPad when we left them in El Chaltén (🙈)
  • waiter on Christmas Eve who kept topping up our champagne glasses

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